Erin K. Millman is a UX designer.

With a background in 3D animation, Erin brings a multi-dimensional perspective to solving design challenges. She is always curious to explore new skills, find new stories, collaborate with new people, and understand new systems in order to build digital experiences that delight, empower and inspire.

Can a Smart Toy Teach Kids to Read?

Book Buddy

UX / UI, Visual Design, Motion

Licensing without the Line


UX / UI, Visual Design

Building a Website with Class

Portshowlio 2018

Web Design, UX / UI

Making the Old-School Look New

Stone Gardens

Branding, Visual Design, Environmental Graphics

Augmenting the Museum of Flight


AR / XR, UX / UI

Setting Savings Goals that Stick



Where Science Fiction has Gone Before

Trek Tech

Web Design

How to Plan a Moving Funeral

Odyssey Memorials

Visual Design, UX / UI